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Open Safari and go to the website address provided in your welcome email.

You will be presented with a logon screen.

Enter the Username and Password provided in your email and click “Go”

You will now come to a client download screen.


Select “OpenVPN Connect for iOS”.

This will take you to the Apple app store and the installation page for the OpenVPN connect app.


Select the Cloud with a down arrow.  

You will be presented with a profile download screen, select “Open in “OpenVPN”.

This will take you to the OpenVPN connect client.


Click the green“+” sign under the profile to install it.

That’s it now the profile is installed, to connect simply slide the connection button and the client will start to connect.


Once the connection completes a “Connected” message will be displayed.

iPad Installation Instructions for iOS 8

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Connect and Disconnect

Locate the OpenVPN connect app and select it.

On the connect screen slide the connection button to the right.

The client will start to connect. Once a connection has been established your status will change to connected.

You may now surf the web with VPN protection.


To disconnect simply slide the slider to the left position.

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DO NOT OPEN THE APPLICATION, you must now go back to Safari and download your profile.


Hit the home button on the ipad


Return to Safari and the open web page.


Select “Yourself (autologin profile) at the bottom of the page.

Your profile will now download to your iPad.

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Overview of the below instructions.  Each step is a separate task and must be completed in order.


1. Install the OpenVPN connect client on your iPad

2. Download your auto login User profile from the ClearVPN server

3. Add your User profile into the OpenVPN connect client


Please follow all step by step instructions below.

The first time you connect you will be asked to "Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection"


Select YES

To discoonect slide the connection button to the left.

safari cloud autologin

The program OpenVPN connect client will now download onto your ipad.

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