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TRI Installation Instructions for Mobile Devices

Your Tri account gives you access to more than one country’s server at a time.  You can connect and disconnect to each country when needed, changing your IP address to UK, USA or CAN. You can add one, two or all three county profiles to your device or computer.  Each county profile works independently.


In your welcome email you received the details of each server you have been granted access to with your account.


The first step is to return to the main client area and install the OpenVPN connect client for your mobile operating system.  Then please come back to this Tri page to install your second and third profile to into the OpenVPN connect client. This will enable you to connect to each of the different servers.

Android Add a Profile

iPad or iPhone Add a Profile

The first step is to return to the main client page and install the OpenVPN connect for Android. Then with the OpenVPN application open.


Open the OpenVPN connect client.


Select “Menu” and “Import”


Select “Import Access Server Profile”

import access server

Now you will be asked for connection details,


Enter 2nd or 3rd server the details provided in your email.


Ensure “Import autologin profile” is ticked.

import profile

Select “Import Profile”.


The app will now begin the profile import process.

profile import

Once completed you will be taken back to the OpenVPN Connect client home screen, where your new profile will be installed. You will now see 2 or 3 profiles to choose from when connecting.


When connecting you can choose the country that you would like to VPN to connect to. To change to a different country just disconnect from the profile you are currently using and connect to the different country’s profile

For connect and disconnect instructions please go to the client area home page and select your current operating system for detailed instructions.  The connection instructions are located at the end of the installation instructions

Connect and Disconnect

For connect and disconnect instructions go to the client area home page and select your current operating system for detailed instructions, they are located at the end of the page.

Changing Country Service

Open your Web browser and go to the website address of a country you have not installed on your iDevice yet, these will be provided in your welcome email

Shot 1

Enter the Username and Password provided in your email, select "Login" and click “Go”

MAC User and Password

You will now come to a client download screen.


Now select “Yourself (autologin profile) at the bottom of the page


shot 7

You will be presented with a profile download screen, select “Open in “OpenVPN”.

shot 9

This will take you to the OpenVPN client.


Click the “+” sign under the profile to install it.

open in openvpn

To change from one country service to another on an iPhone or iPad please follow the instuctions below.


The  app will display the last successfully connected profile/country.


To change to another profile, select the profile name on the current connection.

i change 1

This will take you to the profile screen.


Now select the profile of the country you would like to connect to.


Select the “OpenVPN” button at the top of the screen

To connect simply slide the slider into the “ON” position.


You can now proceed to use your device with VPN protection.


To disconnect simply open the OpenVPN App and slide the slider to the “OFF” position

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