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Open Internet Explorer and in the address bar type the website address provided in your email.


You will be presented with a logon screen.

Enter the username and password supplied to you in the welcome email.


Select Login and click the Go button.

You will be presented with a client download screen.


Click on  “OpenVPN Connect for Windows” link

You will be prompted to save or run the file select "Save".

Your computer will change into Desktop mode and the client will start to install.


If you get a User Account Warning click YES

The client will now continue to install

The install creates a start menu entry for the OpenVPN client as well as placing icons in desktop mode.


To connect from the start menu, simply locate the OpenVPN connect icon and click on it.

Windows 8 Installation Instructions

Connect and Disconnect

login screen connect for windows UAC warning

This will change your computer into desktop mode and start the connection process.


Once the connection is complete a message will be displayed.


You may now surf the web with VPN protection.

To disconnect right click on the icon.


Select "Disconnect VPN servername".

The client will now disconnect, and a message will be displayed when the disconnection is complete.


The file will now proceed to download.


Once the download completes select "Run".

run install screen

Once the install is complete your computer will be left in desktop mode.


The client should now be successfully installed.

Start Icon Connected

To disconnect you will need to change your computer into desktop mode.


To do this simply select the "Desktop" tile from your "Start" screen.


This will now change your computer into desktop mode.



Locate the OpenVPN icon in your taskbar, right click on it.

Icon Disconnect message

That's it you can now surf the web as normal.

Disconnect login screen